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Lotto, Lottery, Gambling Software: Get Help.

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  • Help on Software: Download, Install, Run, Zip, Unzip.

  • Help on Software: Download, Install, Run, Strategies.

    1. Navigating this site
    Nothing can be easier than navigating this web site. The site boasts the most comprehensive navigational facility. The visitor can never get lost.

    The main goal of this help page is to present useful, albeit concise information regarding Ion Saliu's free software known as LotWon, SuperPower, and MDIEditor and Lotto WE. The reference is to the best, most powerful lotto, lottery, gambling, roulette, editing, scientific software based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG).

    2. Downloading Ion Saliu's free software
    Difficulties downloading my software may be caused by your Internet connection. Keep in mind that thousands of users have downloaded every software package I offer without any problem. The only solution is to try downloading again, perhaps from a different site. The other problem may well be caused by a very large number of simultaneous visitors who want the same piece of the pie. Again, be patient; come back at a later time.

    My free FTP downloads site offers the best information on downloading software. As a matter of fact, at one point MSN Downloads copied my download instructions as a service to their visitors. Read: • MSN Download Help Inspired By Our Download Page.
    Also, I want the visitors to start at the very top of my FTP Downloads site. They need read the downloading information and the copyright notes as well. If you acquired my freeware from other sources, you need go back to the FTP download page.

    3. Installing Ion Saliu's free software
    After downloading the ZIP files, you need an UNzipping utility. The best applications for this task are shareware: PKZip/PKUnzip and WinZip.
    After unzipping the files, read the important file README.TXT. Double-click on it to read it in Windows. If you are at the DOS prompt (in the case of SuperPower$) type: TYPE README.TXT|MORE. Or type EDIT README.TXT. Try also: C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EDIT README.TXT
    After reading README.TXT, the final step is installing the software.
    To install "MDIEditor and Lotto WE" double-click SETUP.EXE.
    To install "SuperPower$" type INSTALL
    If you encounter difficulties with the installation, there are two problems. First, the ZIP files you downloaded are corrupted. The corrupting occurred during the download process. The only solution is to try downloading again.

    The other problem related to software installation is caused by your system. You are the only one who knows how your system is configured.
    "MDIEditor and Lotto WE" runs only on PCs running Windows 95/98/XP+ or Windows NT 4.0/2000+. It will not run under Windows 3.xx or DOS. It will not run on Mac computers, or any Unix/Linux platform.
    "SuperPower$" v10.99.02 runs on PCs running MS-DOS v4.0 or later. The application can run in Windows 95/98 in a DOS window. It is best and highly recommended to run SuperPower$ at the DOS prompt in full-screen mode. Again, it will not run on Mac.
    If things still don't work for you, there is nothing I can do about it.

    4. Running Ion Saliu's free software
    I offer my software as "freeware". Normally, this type of software distribution is not accompanied by free technical support. Nevertheless, both software packages are accompanied by substantial information. There are thorough tutorials and help files. Some bona-fide users still encounter difficulties in using the applications. Indeed, my software is based on mathematics. Such a topic is not easy for everybody, as you can see on some of the pages of this site. The good news is that after a second reading of the tutorials, everything looks a lot clearer. I can truthfully state that more than 99.7% of the users of my software do understand its fundamentals. The morale: read the tutorials one more time!

    Lately, a lot of my freeware is 32-bit software compiled with Power Basic Console Compiler. Such software requires a 32-bit version of DOS (the MS-DOS that started with Windows 95). It is not GUI software, however. It is character mode and it is recommended to start at the command prompt.

    Both 16-bit and 32-bit character mode types of software require typing parameters, such as data files, output files, numbers, etc. The typing must be accurate. Some users do not have MS-DOS (character mode) experience. They face some difficulties in running my software. A good book on MS-DOS can be helpful — always.
    First, create a specific directory to host my software; e.g. C:\ION or C:\SALIU.
    You will install my software in that directory (folder, in Windows speak). You move to that directory:
    Let's say you want to run UTIL-632.EXE, a collection of powerful lotto 6 utilities. Type the program name and press {Enter}
    The program starts immediately. That's the beauty of DOS! The program will ask for some parameters. One of the most important parameters is a data file (lottery results). You must type the file name exactly (not case sensitive). For example, your lotto 6 drawings are saved in a text file named DATA-6. You need to type the files as DATA-6 or data-6. If the data file resides in a directory other than C:\ION, you must type also the correct path to the file; e.g. C:\MyDocuments\DATA-6. Of course, it is highly recommended to keep the programs and their related files in the same directory!
    Sometimes, a program offers a default. You can simply press {Enter} to accept defaults. But if the program presents you with a default (e.g. DATA-6), make sure that such a file does exist in the current (working) directory; e.g. C:\ION.

    I offer an even better solution: MENU.EXE. It creates quite beautiful DOS screens and menus. Running a program is easy as pressing a function key. Read more in this article: DOS-based Menu System Using Batch File Programming.

    5. Creating and updating the data files for lotto, lottery
    This is one of the biggest issues regarding my lotto, lottery, horse racing software. My lotto, lottery, horse racing, powerball, mega-million software CANNOT run without data files. The data files are simply TEXT files. That is, files with no formatting at all, other than line breaks. The data files hold lotto, lottery results: Previous winning numbers drawn by one lottery commission only. You can have as many data files as you want. But, one file must hold the same game format, for the same lottery commission. More clearly: One Powerball data file can only hold results for a game that draws 5 regular numbers from 1 to 53 and a Powerball number from 1 to 42. One Mega Millions data file can only hold results for a game that draws 5 regular numbers from 1 to 52 and a bonus number from 1 to 52. Results for older, different formats have no place in the same data file. When the game format changes, you must start a new data file.

    Since some (crazy!) people wanted me to work with their particular data files, a few words are in order.
    A very important fact: I do not provide lottery data files, or lists of drawings, or past winning numbers! It is solely the responsibility of the user to create and maintain his/her lottery data files. Nor am I able, or any other individual, to analyze other people's data files, do the winning reporting, generate combinations, etc. Those unaware of the reality should check with health professionals regarding the Robinson Crusoe syndrome.

    Not to worry: My software makes it very easy to create and maintain lottery files. They are just plain text (ASCII) files. Nothing can be easier than to type or copy-and-paste lottery numbers one line at a time! LotWon disregards the dates of the drawings, since they have absolutely no correlation with the numbers drawn. The ASCII format is the universal data format that works with many types of applications, both in DOS and under Windows. It represents absolutely the easiest way to create data files. If other lottery programs work with ASCII data files, then my software can use their results files. If not, see if other programs can convert their data files to ASCII (text) format. If not, there is nothing I can do about that. The Internet, however, makes it easy to create lottery drawings files in ASCII format.

    You can search on the Internet for the keywords “lottery drawings” or “lottery results”. You can also search for a specific lottery commission site, such as “New York lottery” or “CA lottery” (for California, in this example). Usually, the abbreviation of a state is part of a lottery site, such as (for Pennsylvania lottery, as an example). The lottery drawings are also available in newspapers and on television.
    Go to a site that posts lottery drawings. Most if not all lottery commissions post the results of their lottery drawings. Here is how I do it in the case of Pennsylvania lottery. I logon to this address: (They change the links quite often, especially after I post them on my web pages!)

    I choose the game for which I want the results. If I create a new data file, I select all the drawings that the site has to offer. Then I use the copy and paste features of the Windows clipboard. So, I copy the selection to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Next, I open my own application "MDIEditor and Lotto". I paste the data I saved to the clipboard (Ctrl+V). It looks like this:

    Wednesday 10/13/1999 14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
    Saturday 10/09/1999 15, 20, 34, 42, 53, 60 payout information
    Wednesday 10/06/1999 13, 23, 25, 28, 42, 59 payout information
    Saturday 10/02/1999 11, 20, 26, 27, 28, 56 payout information
    Wednesday 09/29/1999 7, 18, 34, 38, 46, 59 payout information

    My software only uses the numbers (digits) of the drawings, without the dates or any other text. Therefore, I need to edit the data above: eliminate the text I do not need. I just select the text and press "Delete".
    Wednesday 10/13/1999 14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
    The line becomes:
    14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55 payout information
    I press "Delete" again and get the drawing-only line:
    14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55

    This is the final appearance of the data file:

    14, 17, 44, 45, 49, 55
    15, 20, 34, 42, 53, 60
    13, 23, 25, 28, 42, 59
    11, 20, 26, 27, 28, 56

    In many countries, the comma (,) may not be a valid field delimiter. The blank space, however, is a universal field delimiter. You can use MDIEditor to replace all the commas with blank spaces. Select the entire drawings file. In the replace box, type , in the “Replace what” text box. In the “Replace with” type one or more blank spaces. Click OK. Then press the function key F5 to do a full replace.
    Make sure you don't leave any blank line in the file, none at all.
    Now, I save the file, for example DATA-6.

    14 17 44 45 49 55
    15 20 34 42 53 60
    13 23 25 28 42 59
    11 20 26 27 28 56

    This is the format I strongly recommend (with blank spaces). If your data files are not in proper format, my lotto, lottery software will not run OR will yield erroneous results. These are the correct data file formats to follow:

    Pick 3: Exactly 3 digits per line: 0 0 3
    Pick 4: Exactly 4 digits per line: 0 9 3 4
    Lotto 5: Exactly 5 numbers per line: 1 12 13 24 35
    Lotto 6: Exactly 6 numbers per line: 1 12 13 24 35 46
    Lotto 7: Exactly 7 numbers per line: 1 2 13 24 25 36 37
    Keno: Exactly 22 numbers per line: 1 to 80; the last 2 numbers must be 0 0 if the game format is 80/20
    Powerball, Thunderball, Mega-Millions: Exactly 5 regular numbers per line, plus 1 powerball:
    1 12 13 24 35 1

    It's highly recommended to run my freeware SORTING.EXE to sort the combinations (lines) in the data files in ascending order. The utility also nicely formats the files (evenly spaced fields).

    In many cases, my software requires HUGE data files; i.e. a lot larger than the files of real draws (results). The requirement is easily accomplished by the SIMulated data files. The neccessary SIM files are created by the 'Simulate' routines in the UTIL-*.EXE applications. Also, MDIEditor and Lotto WE can create SIMulated data files (in the 'Random' modules). Finally, move the real draw file to the top of the SIMulated file and concatenate them:
    COPY DATA-6+SIM-6 D6
    The UTIL-*.EXE applications can do the job with one key press. It is, again, the recommended method, preferable to inserting files in MDIEditor and Lotto WE.

    When I need to update the file with the newest drawings, I logon again to the site. This time I only select the drawings from the most recent one down to the line I copied the last time (without including that drawing again). Note on a piece of paper the date when you updated your lottery files last time. I start again "MDIEditor and Lotto WE" and open the file DATA-6. Press {Enter} to start a new, blank line. Paste the data from the clipboard and repeat the process described above. At the end, delete the blank lines and save the file. Your situation may vary depending on how your favorite site displays the lottery drawings. In the end you should have a file with lines consisting of lottery drawings only.

    Some lottery commissions offer two drawings a day in the digit games (pick-3, pick-4). I recommend the inclusion of both draws in the same data file (DATA-3 or DATA-4). The draws should be included in the real sequences: the mid-day number followed by the evening number. More effort is required on a user's part. I work with a temporary Word file; e.g. PA3.TXT. I copy and paste the mid-day results table from PA Lottery web site. I convert the draw column to text. Go to the top of the file and press {Enter} to insert a blank line. Go back to the lottery web site and copy the evening results table. Go back to PA3.TXT and paste the table at the top. Delete the date and payout columns, and then convert the table to text. Next, I cut one mid-day draw (the bottom table) and paste it below the corresponding day of the evening results. If the mid-day draw is the last (most recent) draw, the mid-day numbers go to the top of the evening numbers. Make sure the file has no blank lines. Use the utility that converts the numbers 123 to the correct LotWon format: 1 2 3. Insert the new file at the top of DATA-3, removing any empty (blank) lines.

    • Very important! If the lottery commission changes the game format, you must create a new lotto/lottery data file! Do not mix game formats in one data file! For example, Pennsylvania changed from lotto 6/69 to lotto 6/49. I discarded of all previous lotto 6/69 drawings. I renamed the old 6/69 file and preserved it for archiving and researching purposes. I started from scratch a Pennsylvania lotto 6/49 history file. I recreated also the SIMulated data file, specifically for a 6/49 lotto game. The Powerball game changed its format from 49 regular numbers to 53 regular numbers. I proceeded as above. Changed the Powerball data files to contain only regular lotto numbers from 1 to 53. Please pay great attention to this requirement of SuperPower, LotWon, and MDIEditor and Lotto software. Do not mix various game formats in the same data file — ever!

    • There is no such a thing as absolute certainty. Our data files may still hold an error or two, especially in the beginning. I recommend you run, from time to time, my freeware PARSEL.EXE. The useful application can discover most types of errors in your data files. The program can be downloaded freely from the FTP downloads site.

    6. Strategies for lotto, lottery
    This is the number one topic of the requests I receive. Simply put, a strategy is a collection of filter values. My software is based on filtering — that is, eliminating as many combinations as possible. The filters are first analyzed for past drawings. It is clearly noticeable that the filter values repeat. They are randomly cyclical, but cyclical. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling rules the dynamics of the filters. No other software employs filtering, real filtering. What others call “filtering” is nothing more than grouping the numbers based on some static criteria: odd/even, low, high, etc. The result is a huge block (group) of numbers that never changes.

    Strategy selection is a huge topic that cannot be covered here. There are several pages at this web site dedicated to the hot issue of strategy selection (setting the filters). Read as many dedicated pages as you possibly can. Copy and paste the ideas in one file. Then edit that file in your own words. That way you will gain unconscious expertise, in addition to the conscious education. Here are a few of the most useful links.

  • Cross-reference strategy files created by LotWon and MDIEditor & Lotto WE.

  • Strategy in Reverse: Not-to-Win Leads to Not-to-Lose.

  • Generosity and stupidity: strategy, systems, gambling, lottery, lotto.

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  • The essentials of filters in lottery software.
  • The 'wonder-grid' or 'magical wheel' - a new incentive.
  • A possible killer lotto strategy? Open debate.
  • A Survival Guide to "MDIEditor and Lotto".

  • The best online lottery, lotto, gambling, combination, random number, sports bet generator.
  • The best online lottery, lotto, gambling, sports betting odds calculator.

    7. Search, search, search
    Further information, via email, or telephone, or postal mail is not available. It is mission impossible! Therefore, please read this page very carefully. Read also the tutorials and help pages that accompany my software. There is plenty of information to help you work with my software. Don't forget to search, search, search this site. It is recommended to use first the native search engine of this web site.

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    Help on Software: Download, Install, Run, Strategy, Zip, Unzip.



    Help on Software: Download, Install, Run, Strategy, Zip, Unzip.

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