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    Probability Theory, Live is a great book by Ion Saliu applied to lottery.
    Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
    ~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to lottery, software, systems, lotto wheels.

    ••• This page has two very useful features:
    lotto and lottery strategies to pick the most likely numbers to hit the next drawing
    •• a highly optimized online generator of lotto and lottery numbers (combinations).

      Let's look again at theFundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG):

            log(1 - DC)
    N = ----------------
           log(1 - p)

    In the Fundamental Table of Gambling Probability, there was a column p=1/8 which described exactly a lotto game drawing 6 winning numbers from a field of 48 numbers. '6 divided by 48' is 1/8 or 0.125. That's how you calculate the probability p, when considering one number at a time!

    Evidently, the combinations have an equal probability, but they appear with different frequencies. Please read an important message in my forum: Lotto Combination 1,2,3,4,5,6: Probability, Statistics.
    The median is the key factor in the biased appearance. The numbers tend to repeat more often when their running skip is less than or equal to the 'probability median'. The 'probability median' can be calculated by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) for the degree of certainty DC=50%. This revolutionary premise constitutes the backbone of the strategy that follows.

    You only need 3 values for the degree of certainty DC: 50%, 75%, 90%. The parameter DC=50% is fundamental. It represents the 'probability median'. You can substitute the other two, or you can add other parameters, if you wish. You will need a calculator with scientific functions, specifically the logarithm function. I assume you know how to use a calculator.
    Click here if you want to download lottery software probability that does all the calculations: Super Formula.EXE. The program allows you to calculate the number of trials N for any degree of certainty DC.

    log(1-p) = log(1-0.125) = log(0.875) = -0.057992. Save that number to memory. log(1-DC) = log(1-0.75) = log(0.25) = -0.60206. Divide 0.60206 by the number in memory (-0.057992); result: 10.38; always round up to the next integer: 11 in this case.

          I created a mini-table for three types of lotto games: 6/42, 6/48 and 6/54. If you don't bother to work with logarithms and your game is not listed in the table, you can approximate. For example, the popular 6/49 lotto game has the same values as those listed for the 6/48 game. A 6/45 lotto game will have numbers somewhere between 6/42 and 6/48. It is best to select the highest numbers: it increases the winning probability. The values might represent approximations. Trust but verify! I recommend you trust yourself first. Use my FORMULA.EXE and do your own calculations for any game you wish, any p, any DC.









    50% 5 6 7
    75% 10 11 12
    90% 15 17 20

          Turning again to the 6/48 game. For DC=50%, the table shows the number 6. It means that half (50%) of the winning numbers in each draw are repeats from the past 6 drawings! That is, on the average, three of the six winning numbers have also been drawn in the last 6 draws. For DC=75%: three-quarters of the winning numbers in each drawing are repeats from the past 11 draws! That is, on the average, four or five of the six winning numbers have also been drawn in the last 11 drawings. The degree of certainty DC=90% should be obvious now. In 90% of the drawings, all 6 winning numbers were also drawn in the past 17 drawings. I studied for a long time the 6/48 lotto game conducted for many years by Pennsylvania lottery. The gambling formula and the numbers in the table were validated to a high degree. Moreover, there were drawings in which all six winning numbers had been repeats from the past 11-12 drawings, even from the past 6-7 drawings! In the last 500 drawings of the late Wild Card lotto game (6 of 48), in 123 cases (25%) all 6 winning numbers were repeats from the last 12 drawings. In 25 cases (5 times a year), all 6 winners were also drawn in the last 7 drawings. More amazingly, in 7 cases, all 6 winning numbers were repeats from the last 4-5 drawings!!! Such favorable cases were separated by about 50 drawings. In other words, one could select numbers from the last 5 drawings and, say, win, then wait 50 drawings before selecting again numbers from the most recent 5 drawings. That is a serious money-saving method. The lotto wheels in my freeware programMDIEditor and Lotto WE offer the '4 out of 6' minimum guarantee. They offer, however a good shot at higher prizes. I would not be surprised at all if several players even hit the jackpot (the first prize). It is also true that there were situations when only 2-3 numbers were repeats from the last 6 or even 11 drawings.

         In order to apply this knowledge to your playing strategy, you need my lottery software MDIEditor and Lotto. Run the application. Make sure you have created a drawings data file and you keep it updated. It is mandatory! Otherwise, you'll be wasting your time! Do the statistical reporting for the lotto-6 game. Go to the skip chart and only look at the first number listed in each skip string. For example, for the lotto number 13 you will see a skip string like 4 11 9  21 ... The number of importance to you is 4 (the beginning of the string). It is best to work with DC=75%, since it offers a better chance to predict 4 or 5 winning numbers for the next draw. It also offers a better frequency of situations when all six winning numbers are repeats from the last 11-12 drawings. Write down all the lotto numbers for which the skip string starts with a value less than or equal to the value corresponding to DC=75%. In the example above, you would write down all the first numbers in the skip strings less than or equal to 11. In other words, everything between 0 and 11. I usually increase it by 1 (make it 12) since there are approximations in working with logarithms.

          You will come up with 15- 25 numbers, depending on your lotto game. You will not play all the possible combinations since the price of playing them consistently would be prohibitive. Instead, you will use an abbreviated lotto system or lotto wheelMDIEditor and Lotto comes with 20+ such systems, some of the best wheels anywhere. They emphasize higher prizes rather than lower costs. Say, you came up with 18 numbers to play for the next drawing. Click on File, Open and select the file SYS-18.46. Follow the instructions on how to apply your picks to that particular lotto wheel.

         This lotto method specifically targets the third prize in the lotto-6 games ('4 out of 6').

    Please be advised that the lotto wheels do more harm than good. Read the mathematical presentation of this fact in my articles: The myth of lotto wheels or abbreviated systems and Fundamental Formula of Wheeling (July 2002).
    The shortcomings of the abbreviated lotto systems or wheels are diminished by the set of strategies presented on this web page, however.

          If you came up with too many numbers for your budget, you can reduce them further. Read the Lottery Tutorial in MDIEditor and Lotto. You will want to avoid the worst lottery pairings in your picks. You may also want not to play those numbers which are repeats from the previous drawings. A value of 0 (zero) in the skip string means that the number was also drawn in the previous drawing. It is fairly rare that numbers repeat from one drawing to the next. It does happen, though. I recommend you first try this system on paper, before playing it with real money. You need to understand it real well. You also need take very good care of your lottery drawings (real results) file.

         SuperPower$ does everything that MDIEditor and Lotto does, plus ten times more. Read carefully the tutorial of SuperPower$. The lotto combination generator has a feature that filters out any number or numbers you want. The procedure is automated by a batch file (LEAST.BAT). First, you work with the lottery strategy I presented earlier. For the sake of the example, let's say you came up with 25 lotto numbers to play: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
    The rest of the numbers will be filtered out. You will write them at the top of your lotto data file, exactly 6 numbers on each line:
    26,27,28, 29, 30,31

    None of those numbers will appear in any of the lotto combinations generated.
    You now have two choices. You can generate lotto combinations without wheeling them (press the function key F7: Combinations - Free Form). Or, you can wheel all the remaining 25 numbers (press the function key F8: Lotto Systems). The wheeling feature generates automatically lotto systems with the following minimum guarantees: "3 out of 6", "4 out of 6", and "5 out of 6". In the first scenario (pressing the function key F7), the program will run forever, unless you press the function key F10. Most of the non-wheeled combinations will be repeated several times. I consider this method to generate the very best quick-picks.

    You should run the lottery program for around an hour, then select combinations from the end of the run. Or you can restart the combination generator, then stop it, then run it again, stop it again, etc. This way, we conform to the law of big numbers in theory of probability: the more we repeat an event, the higher the winning probability. SuperPower$ has dozens of filters or eliminating conditions. They act together to reduce the number of lotto, pick-3, and pick-4 combinations to as few as possible.

    ••• Version 6.1 of MDIEditor and Lotto has been greatly enhanced. It uses now filters as in SuperPower$, plus it allows the use of this strategy automatically. You don't need to check the stats and select the numbers which came out in a specified range of past draws. You simply set a filter for the program to generate only numbers which came out in the specified range. For example, you set the filter to 11 and the program generates only numbers that came out in the most recent 11 drawings. This filter can be used for any lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Keno, horse racing, pick-3, and pick-4 game. The lottery application uses another filter as well.

    In the digit games (pick-3, pick-4 and horse racing treated as a 3-digit game), it eliminates also all straight combinations in the specified range of past drawings. For example, you set this filter to 500. None of the straight combinations drawn in the past 500 drawings will show up among the combinations generated by the application. In the lotto games, this filter will eliminate 3-, 4-, and 5-number groups from the specified range of past drawings (lotto-5); 4-, 5-, and 6-number groups from the specified range of past drawings (lotto-6); 5-, 6-, and 7-number groups from the specified range of past drawings (lotto-7 and Keno).

    For example, your Data6 file of past pick 6 drawings has 500 drawings. You can set the second filter to 100 and MDIEditor and Lotto will eliminate all 4-number groups that came out in the most recent 100 drawings. The program will also automatically eliminate all 5-number and 6-number groups that came out in the last 500 lotto drawings. It is extremely unlikely that any 6-number combination previously drawn will come out again in a lifetime! Chances are very, very low that even any group of 5 numbers in a previous 6-number combination will be drawn again.
    ••• Version 7.0 of MDIEditor and Lotto goes one step further to complete the cycle: It determines statistically the filters. You can notice that high values are usually followed by lower values. If a filter was incremented three times in a row, it will normally decrease. Vice-versa: three consecutive decreases are followed by an immediate increase most of the time. These statistical rules can help you set the filters for the next drawing. Additionally, the program is now a definitive replacement for both Notepad and WordPad.
    •••  Version WE of MDIEditor and Lotto (Noviembre 2003) handles just about any lotto and lottery games: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, horse-racing (both trifecta and superfecta), keno. The lottery application does thorough statistical analyses, and then it generates optimized combinations based on user's strategies. A lottery strategy is a filter setting; the filters are plotted by the statistics modules of MDIEditor and Lotto. This is the greatest ever lotto, lottery, gambling software regardless of price. Read more: MDIEditor Lotto WE: Tutorial, Software Guide, Manual, Book - The Best Application for Lotto Lottery Powerball, Mega Millions, Keno, Horses, Euromillions.

    •••      This lottery system can be applied to other game formats as well: lotto-5 or lotto-7. The only thing is the availability of specific abbreviated lotto systems or lotto wheels.
    In addition to the lotto-6 wheels that accompany my lottery software, I also offer free lotto-5 and lotto-6 wheels. The wheels are as close as possible to mathematically balanced systems. They offer a high probability of prizes better than the third tier (3 of 5, or 5 of 7, or 4 of 6).
    They can be downloaded from my software site. The lotto-6, lotto-5, and lotto-7 wheels are archived in three self-extracting EXE files: SYSTEM6, WHEEL5, WHEEL7, respectively.

    MDIEditor and Lotto comes with lotto wheels satisfying the minimum guarantee 4 out of 6. Therefore, they are applicable to the lotto-6 games only. Of course, this gambling formula strategy can be applied to any types of lottery and gambling. For example, it greatly improves the odds in pick-3, pick-4 lottery games. For that to work, however, you definitely need SuperPower$. The application also offers an original method of playing the horse races as a pick-3 game! You can play all three digits as trifecta combinations; or the first two digits as exacta; or the first digit in each combination as "to win".

      As promised, here is the strategy applied to the pick-3 and pick-4 games. The formula says that 50% of the 3 digits (1 or 2 digits) of the pick3 game will come out within 1 drawing, that is, they are repeats from the preceding drawing. Or, 75% of the 3 digits (2 or 3 digits) of the pick-3 game are repeats from the last 3 drawings. The following is real data from Pennsylvania Lottery again. I analyzed the last 500 drawings (as of March 7, 1999). In 15 cases, all 3 digits were repeats from the last drawing. For example, the real-life lottery drawing was 3,2,2 and the next drawing was 2,2,3. In 72 cases, all 3 digits were repeats from the last 2 drawings. In 133 cases, all 3 digits were repeats from the last 3 drawings.

      The formula says that 50% of the 4 digits (2 digits) of the pick4 game will come out within 2 drawing. Or, 75% of the 4 digits (3 digits) of the pick-4 game are repeats from the last 3 drawings. The following is real data from Pennsylvania lottery again. I analyzed the last 500 drawings (as of March 7, 1999). In 10 cases, all 4 digits were repeats from the last lottery drawing. For example, the real-life drawing was 3,1,8,1 and the next drawing was 3,8,3,8. In 70 cases, all 4 digits were repeats from the last 2 drawings. In 147 cases, all 4 digits were repeats from the last 3 drawings.

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    ••Here is a very useful device for you: the best lottery and lotto combination generator you can find online! This powerful online application handles any type of lotto and lottery games: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, PowerBall (both 5+1 power ball and 6+1 power ball), horseracing (both trifecta and superfecta), Keno; plus, the queen of casino games: roulette; plus, sports betting, the American way. The ActiveX control also calculates the odds in lotto games, including Powerball and Mega Millions, following the official method used by the lottery commissions.

    ••• Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or later in order to run my lottery ActiveX control.

    The following types of lotto games are covered specifically: 5-number loto games, lotto 6, lotto 7, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euromillions. The generators generate optimized generations! That is, specific built-in filters screen out combinations with very low probability of appearance. Some players would spend their lives playing combinations like 1,2,3,4,5,6. Live 9 lives only to find out that thousands other players have played the same type of wacky combination! The Keno combinations are not optimized.

    The random generator also handles the digit lottery games pick-3 and pick-4. Horse racing combinations are also generated in the manner of a pick 3 lottery game (trifecta combinations). The pick combinations are not optimized (no innate filters enabled).

    The generating ActiveX control generates now 1000 combinations instead of 100. As I have stated many times, the more combinations generated, the higher the probability. According to FFG (Fundamental Formula of Gambling), the chance to hit is lower in the beginning. We must go closer to the FFG median to have to highest winning chance. It did take a very long time to get the FFG median by generating 100 combinations at a time. Now, the generator offers better time compression. Think about it as saving money. You ran the generator for a few thousand combinations. Chances are they were not winners. But you didn't play them either, so you saved money.

    The best location in the lotto combination file is in the FFG median zone. You can visually approximate the area using the scroll bar: It's somewhere in the middle. I have become convinced of the bias towards the FFG median zone by analyzing a lot of real life cases. Among other fields, I analyzed two full seasons of the NFL (the pro football league in the US). Read Winning Combinations Come Predominantly From Inside The FFG Median Bell. Read also Generate combinations inside the FFG median bell: pick lotteries, lotto, horse racing, roulette, sports betting, football, soccer pools 1x2.

    For industrial-strength software that crunches the lottery and horse racing, use the all-powerful MDIEditor and Lotto WE. Read also a plethora of articles dealing with the mathematics and practice of gambling, lottery, lotto, software, systems.

    Study the first free winning lotto strategies, systems with lottery software.

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