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Free Winning Roulette Systems, Strategies Founded on Mathematics

The Only Roulette Theory Feared by Casinos

Get mathematical roulette systems, strategies, software that can really beat casinos.

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Probability Theory, Live is a great book by Ion Saliu applied to roulette systems, strategy.
Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to roulette, gambling, software, real winning systems.

Licensed Winning Roulette Strategy Systems
• • Free Winning Roulette Systems #1 & #2
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Study roulette mathematics, roulette strategy software, systems.

   Licensed Roulette Systems

You can get roulette analyzing programs at this address:
SPINS.EXE, Roulette.exe - Roulette Software.

There is no such thing as "roulette bias". It is mathematics! It is amazing how lopsided the skips are. A skip represents the number of spins between hits. You will see in the following report a skip such as "48" for the roulette number "1". It means that the roulette number "1" waited 48 spins between two hits. The skips vary between 0 (zero) and over 200. It happens that a roulette number wins in consecutive spins (skip = 0); then hits again after 7 spins.

Many players will jump to the conclusion that the roulette wheel is biased towards that number! Or that the dealer is biased towards that number! The truth is a far cry from that. All the skips simply follow the rules of theory of probability. If, absurdly, a wheel is strikingly biased towards certain numbers, the casino would replace it immediately! The computer program does not use a mechanical wheel. Yet, there is a strong discrepancy among skips. Again, it is pure mathematics...

Beginning with version 3.0, the roulette program also analyzes data files with real-life spins. A results file from the Hamburg, Germany casino accompanies the package. The period covered is February 1 – 6, 2000 (1968 spins). There is no mathematical difference between computer-generated spins and real-life casino results. My systems work the same under both circumstances.

•  A subset of my roulette software is available as a free download. The command prompt program is named SPINS.EXE. It is best to run it at a COMMAND prompt (MS-DOS prompt). You should create also a folder (directory) for this program (for example, C:\SPINS). The program generates three report files in the same \SPINS directory. The reports are ASCII files you can view with Notepad or any other text viewing/editing application.

  The Fundamental Formula of Gambling determines certain compositions of the losing/winning streaks and their repeat cycles. The betting starts at the most favorable points in the streaks. Keeping record of the roulette spins is of the essence.

Another group of strategies takes James Bond's famous roulette betting system and converts it into a playing formula based on mathematics. In its original form, Bond's system was really bad. If you play it "as is" you will certainly lose serious money. The new betting system is based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

I read some newsgroups postings and Web pages. A response is in order. I am the mastermind of this roulette system and the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). Up until recently, nobody has ever heard of these concepts, let alone “using” them! There are some suckers (indeed, suckers) who just started to imitate me. Some are imitating the filtering concepts I use in my lottery software, while others are trying to imitate my gambling formula. One site has even adopted the name “").

This roulette system is absolutely unique. Nobody has ever come up with a similar idea. It is founded on FFG and the WL streaks (winning/losing). Nobody, other than myself has ever put together a mathematical relation between the probability and the WL streaks. I am the first one to state that theory of probability is the science of the winning/losing streaks. I know firsthand how casinos have reacted to my strategies. They are highly anxious because they can't figure out my systems. They realize it is not cuckoo strategies such as “card counting”, or “wheel bias”, or “progressive betting”. Some figured out that I might count losing streaks, or winning streaks, or dealer bust streaks, etc.

Then, I am posed, mockingly, this puzzling fact: Roulette is unbeatable. Great thinkers, such as D'Alembert and Einstein, designed roulette systems that actually fail. I believe Einstein was joking when he presented his infamous system: Always double-up after a loss! What a huge mistake! Can you say the number “Two to the power of 200”? That would be the case with “straight-up” bets (en plein). Even in an even-money bet, the losing streak can reach sometimes 15 spins. You can say the number “Two to the power of 15”, but you'll never have enough money to back it! Like any scientist, Einstein was fascinated with numbers and the unknown, as the roulette game provides. He was, however, very busy with his theory of relativity. He just did not allocate more time to the roulette phenomenon. Otherwise, Einstein's mental programs would have come up with a winning system based, indeed, on the winning/losing streaks.

A few important issues since the introduction of my roulette system.
This is a message (very positive, of course) that explains the second issue:
“This re-iterates the first thanks and adds a question at the end. I have played about 300 spins with your various roulette systems and am very impressed... I am not proficient in math and am pleased with your generous decision to share your gambling expertise. Also, I am going to play this very seriously and would appreciate suggestions for professional use.”

The second issue concerns the reaction of casinos to this roulette system. You may be asked not to use pencil and paper at the roulette table. I stress here that the casinos have NO right to prohibit the use of pencil and paper on the premises. Such an act would represent a form of discrimination. Don't let yourself be intimidated. We all have rights under the law. The courts of law are wide open, including to class action suits.

Finally, I advise against the use of this system in a cyber-casino (online). Internet gambling is prone to very serious fraud. Read the Lottery Gambling Analysis, Mathematics, Probabilities, Odds, House Edge, Fraud page for details based on observation and logic. Among other types of fraud: The higher your bet, the higher the probability you will lose it!

Gambling in casino, casinos, gamble to win with the best mathematical winning strategy.

For the best mathematical casino gambling strategy (approach) for non-system players, read:
Casino, Casinos: Gambling, Gamble, Win, Winning in Casino.
Gambling, Probability, Mathematics, Theory, Gamble, Games.

Study the best in roulette mathematics, winning roulette strategy, systems.

Following is a fragment of the report generated by the program. It does not show all data, obviously. The program simulates a roulette game with "0" and "00". Number 37 represents double-zero (00).

                      Roulette Frequency and Skip Chart
                      Number of Spins Simulated:  1000 

                      Roulette Number:  0 
• Hits ->  29  times
• Skips ->  48  64  48  19  8  22  49  67  63  14  11  11  37  158  17  44
  3  11  6  98  0  4  20  19  2  19  75  0  27
* Median Skip:  19 

                      Roulette Number:  1 
• Hits ->  27  times
• Skips ->  51  18  0  18  29  36  10  39  91  19  21  83  85  14  48  15
 59  57  93  1  45  36  26  2  10  15  33
* Median Skip:  29 

                      Roulette Number:  2 
• Hits ->  28  times
• Skips ->  86  1  33  0  34  30  35  24  16  76  32  13  1  25  36  1  73
 7  12  17  32  36  79  114  35  32  33  56
* Median Skip:  32 

                      Roulette Number:  3 
• Hits ->  34  times
• Skips ->  5  16  53  30  18  53  17  66  36  9  22  7  97  7  24  32  12
 5  54  37  45  6  6  33  33  25  25  11  28  27  32  58  18  15
* Median Skip:  25 

                      Roulette Number:  4 
• Hits ->  25  times
• Skips ->  6  12  65  123  19  10  13  68  7  22  45  39  76  27  52  22
 33  19  13  8  44  104  45  98  3
* Median Skip:  27 

        .... etc.

                      Roulette Number:  36 
• Hits ->  35  times
• Skips ->  2  6  22  3  10  111  10  7  22  33  15  43  22  2  80  34  73
 1  1  18  42  21  18  39  5  3  17  82  25  9  3  36  39  5  49
* Median Skip:  18 

                      Roulette Number:  37 
• Hits ->  38  times
• Skips ->  59  9  17  23  3  13  26  75  10  85  65  14  3  42  14  37  33
 6  12  5  31  5  14  11  15  56  22  35  21  43  1  15  8  59  19  3  0  35
* Median Skip:  15 
(37 represents mathematically roulette number 00.)

    * Average Median:  23 
    * Median of All Skips:  23 
(The largest proportion of roulette numbers repeat after 24 spins in at least half of all hits for each roulette number.)

        * Roulette Numbers Hitting in Consecutive Spins (Play-Last-Number) *

# Consecutive Hits ->  27  times in 1000  spins
* Skips ->  1  31  38  4  35  4  68  8  38  72  55  8  10  7  94  123  36
  35  80  1  54  34  29  23  21  6 
* Sorted Skips:  1  1  4  4  6  7  8  8  10  21  23  29  31  34  35  35  36
  38  38  54  55  68  72  80  94  123 
* Median Consecutive Skip:  31 

           * Frequency of Skips 0-to-4 (Play-Last-5-Numbers) *

* Hits ->  125  times in 1000  spins
* Median Skip 0-to-4:  5 

           * Frequency of Skips 0-to-9 (Play-Last-10-Numbers) *

* Hits ->  240  times in 1000  spins
* Median Skip 0-to-9:  3 

                        * Roulette Winning Pattern *
                        W+ = Win; L- = Loss

 Spin   Number   Hit    Last  Red/   Odd/  Low/   Last    A      B      C
  #     Drawn   After    xx   Black  Even  High    yy                      

   1      26     x sp.   W+     B     E     H      W+     L-     W+     W+
   2       0     x sp.   W+     x     x     x      W+     L-     L-     L-

Learn here winning roulette strategies, systems for free.

   Free Winning Roulette System #1
Did you jump directly here from the top? I recommend you go back and start with the beginning. You need some information that I do not repeat here. The free roulette system I will present now is not included in the licensed strategy package. As I explained many times, I give away freebies when I am certain I have far better systems, strategies, or software. On the other hand, I received several requests to give more details on how my roulette systems work and what makes them tick. The predominant opinion is that nobody can play roulette for a profit consistently. Here is just one proof to the contrary. This is a real thing: a winning roulette system. There is also real life data to back it up. The skips presented here are collected from the Hamburg, Germany casino (first week of February, 2000).

A diligent, disciplined player can make a weekly profit by COVERING ALL THE NUMBERS BUT FOUR PLAYING NO MORE THAN 10 SPINS A DAY. The four numbers discarded of are the last four spins. You wait patiently, not playing, until the following event occurs. When one of the last four numbers hits again, you get ready to play.

You cover all the numbers (0 and 00 including) but the numbers in the last FIVE spins (four numbers to play, because one is a repeat). You place 34 2-unit straight-up bets. Chances are you will win most of the time. Next spin, you make the same bet, using now three units per number (you are using some casino money). The first time you won 38-36=2 units; 2 units times 2 = 4 units profit. The second time: you won 2 units x 3 = 6 units. Total profit per two plays: 10 units.

Things are not always like this. Handy Brandy could lose sometimes the first bet. It happens very rarely, but one of the last four numbers will hit again in consecutive sequence. In most cases, Handy Brandy wins two times in a row without any of the last four numbers repeating. He goes immediately to another table. He knows that the "long run" kills the casino player more than anything else.

After winning at the second table too, Handy Brandy usually cashes out. He runs out of the casino. Sometimes he might try doing the same things at the third table, but never more than winning at three roulette tables. The player will do the same thing the next day at a different casino and again at another casino...

Here is illustrative data from the Hamburg casino. The following figures do NOT represent roulette numbers, but SKIPS. The skips, as in the frequency reports above, represent the number of spins between hits. I had received several complaints before this clarification. Even self-declared experienced roulette numbers believed that 57 below was a roulette number! Therefore what a gambling nut we was!

9 5 57 17 30 18 0 3 13 25 6 0 4 17 2 24 0 4 3 15 13 8 21 2 23 2 6 7 7 10 3 3 17 10 15 11 1 15 3 1 24 11 10 2 3 13 6 12 3 3 24 6 10 21 4 8 9 8 10 5 3 11 3 9 9 3 1 0 20 7 21 7 18 6 0 17 4 13 5 2 6 16 0 2 4 0 7 0 7 1 8 1 8 7 1 5 4 12 3 0 10 1 29 28

A figure such as 57 represents the skip of a particular roulette number. That particular roulette number (the 3rd most recent in our database) hit after 57 spins. That is, if we look at index 57+3 in our database, we'll find the same number again. Zero in the string above does not represent the 'green 0' (roulette number 0). It means that a particular number hit two spins in row, or hit in two consecutive spins. It couldn't be clearer now.

This page has been written by addition, rather than rewrite it from the ground up. I added instead of editing and rewriting the material from top to bottom. The page also shows my growing in my linguistic English shoes! It is also clear that a force inside fights me from being too clear! No gambler has ever been more generous with his/her secrets than me!

The roulette program SPINS.EXE offers the best graphical representation of this free system. Scroll down to the end of the frequency report. The report of interest is named 'Play all roulette numbers except for the last 5 spins'. The report also recommends playing immediately following two consecutive misses (indicated by the – sign). SPINS.EXE version 3.0 is available from the FTP downloads site.

You only play at the points marked 0 (zero). That's when the last number is a repeat from the previous 5 spins. You will play as above the next 3 points where the skip is zero. In many cases, it's after the third win in a row when you can encounter a string like 0 0. When that happens, you will lose 34x2=68 units. (It did not happen in the real case illustrated above). You improve your chances further when you leave after you won at three tables. You should expect to lose once a week.

Version 2.1 of SPINS.EXE analyzes real casino spins, in addition to analyzing randomly generated spins. Most importantly, the program reports on the free roulette system presented above. The strategy is improved a little bit. The system excludes now the numbers from the last 5 spins (instead of 4)! According to the strategy, it is recommended to play after 2 consecutive '-' in the 'Result +/-' column.

There are several reasons why I receive questions regarding my free roulette systems. It is not fully clear to but a few how to use them. My intention was not to present a step-by-step casino strategy. My primary intention was to show, to prove that roulette can be beaten mathematically. Most people, including many gamblers, have a hard time understanding mathematics. This simple system, as all my gambling/lottery strategies are based on math.

••    Free Winning Roulette System #2
An alleged casino executive made me kick him out and also “fix” the ill-fated James Bond roulette system. He posted on my message board with the intent to intimidate my guests.
The Bondish roulette system is based on the first two “douzaines”: play together 1-12&13-24. The scheme can be extended to any “2-1” bets. I offer the power of the standard deviation to improve James bond fictitious system. You can start with my free software FORMULA.EXE, option 3 (“Standard Deviation”). You can also use as a training tool my other free program SPINS.EXE.

The free system #2 is presented on this page:

  • The James Bond roulette system in the Taliban Desert.
    By the way, if your bankroll is smaller, you can apply this system in 50-spin sessions.

    One more tip. It is possible for a two-dozen (two-column) group to hit more than seven times in a row; or, more than seven out of 10 times. If that happens, you rode a very favorable standard deviation tide. Cash out immediately and move to another roulette table!

    My article and the system were provoked by an alleged casino top executive.

  • “I am currently the Chairman of the MGM Grand, and I was advised of this site by way of a memo sent to me.” Roulette Systems, Threats by Casino Chairman of MGM Grand

    In a way, the alleged executive's message is an endorsement of my gambling systems. If the systems were not valid, why bother to risk being rear-end kicked by an understandably angered author? I want to stress again that the casinos have no legal grounds for banning record keeping by the players. Record keeping is also a requirement of tax laws. The rules of private entities do not take precedence over the laws.

    First, I could not believe that a real casino executive would commit what I consider a serious mistake. I thought the message was from one of the frequent visitors to my Web site. Some of them believe they know my psychology well enough to get free systems from me. Indeed, there were moments when I debated with valuable ideas, even systems, IF I was provoked. That's how the free system #1 came to life as well. I am aware of such tendency now and I believe I have it under control.

    In any event, the damage was done. The free roulette system #2 is absolutely founded. It will give the player and edge, without a doubt. I have checked for thousands of spins, broken down in 100-spin sessions. There are clearly two situations.

    One, the player wins 65 or FEWER spins; it is a losing session. The player counts 100 spins. The player started with 100 chip-units. At the end of the session, the player counts 61 units. The result was under the standard deviation. Remember to increase the bet the next session.

    Two, the roulette player wins 66 or MORE spins; it is a winning session. The player counts 100 spins. The player started with 100 chip-units. At the end of the session, the player counts 69 units. The result was above the standard deviation. Remember to decrease the bet the next session.

    The fluctuations are mathematical, considering the game is totally fair. In a cyber-casino, for instance, the fluctuations go mostly in the favor of the house. The house has to win above the standard deviation, always! Or especially when player's bet is high! That's anything but fairness!
    This roulette system does not even require strict record keeping. The player can just put aside a chip for each session played, and for each 10-spin groups.

    You want to see an inventory of free and outrageously priced roulette systems? You want to see how bad they are compared to Ion Saliu's gambling systems? See for yourself — there will NOT be fraud anymore!

    Roulette mathematics and roulette systems, wheel strategies have a scientific basis.

       Generate random spins, 1000 at a time.
    •• Here is a very useful device for you: the best combination generator, including roulette spins generation you can find on the Internet! This powerful online application handles any type of roulette wheels.

    ••• Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or later in order to run my roulette ActiveX controls (including the odds calculator).

    • Version 6.0 of the ActiveX control generates 1000 spins in a text box.

    The Roulette option applies now my Free Winning Roulette System #2, as presented on this page. The last three columns are what it is all about.
    "D1&2" means the 1st dozen (1 to 12) in combination with the 2nd dozen (13 to 24). "D1&3" means the 1st dozen (1 to 12) in combination with the 3rd dozen (25 to 36). "D2&3" means the 2nd dozen (13 to 24) in combination with the 3rd dozen (25 to 36). A + (plus) sign indicates a hit, a – (minus) sign indicates a loss. You can count how many + a specific 2-dozen group encountered in 100 spins. Is it above or below the standard deviation? Follow the ideas in the free roulette system #2… You can also see how the + and – move within 1000 spins.

    There are important statistical reports at the end of the roulette file. The file shows also the “seed” used for the random generation. It is far more ranging than the “timer” seed used previously. Therefore the randomization follows more closely the “natural” randomness. This feature is of use to computer programmers. Read more on my approach to randomization: Randomizing: An Art of Scientific Philosophy, Science of Philosophical Art, Philosophy of Artistic Science, Art of Philosophical Science, Science of Artistic Philosophy, Philosophy of Scientific Art ©. It has the source code of a Visual Basic function: TheSeeder ().
    Read also the best gambling approach to even-money type of bets (including baccarat and blackjack): Probability, Odds to Win Roulette in Various Number of Spins: To Be Ahead And Quit.

    You can generate online roulette spins to test and verify the free roulette systems on this page.

    Mathematical roulette systems, strategy, software can really beat casinos.

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