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    Return to Socrates: Humans, Computers, Gambling Science.Return to Socrates: Humans, Computers, Gambling Science: Home Page.

    • This is what the 'Net geeks call home page. This page represents a whole lot more than an entry port, however. It lays out the fundamental philosophy of the author of this site, Ion Saliu. I am Ion Saliu and I am a voluntary and involuntary follower of Socrates. Our principle is:
      The Truth is above anybody and anything.
      The Truth by itself is neither comfortable, nor uncomfortable. It is an objective relationship independent from human consciousness. The Truth can only be expressed by unadulterated Reasoning (the working of Reason). Only the ego-sick humans identify the Truth with their beings, especially their emotions. And that's how wars start.
      Socrates always cared about the Truth, and only the Truth. He disregarded the faces of his interlocutors. That got him into serious trouble, but he never gave up his principle…
      It is very important that you read this home page before reading any other material published at this website.

    Contact Internet Portal Free Lottery Gambling Scientific Software.Contact Internet Portal Free Lottery Gambling Scientific Software.
    • This page offers information to contact the author, IF reasonably necessary.
      Otherwise, the page presents very useful links. As a personal Internet portal, it is the brainchild of noted computer columnist and guru John C. Dvorak, of PC Magazine fame, among other things.
      The Contact page offers also the best online number generator there is. Nothing comes remotely close to this comprehensive and highly optimized combination generator. It generates: combinations for any type of lottery games, keno, roulette spins, horseracing trifectas, and football team-combinations. The ActiveX control also calculates odds (probability) and acts like a nice online rich-text editor.

    Computational Psychology Philosophy: Fear Survival, Humans Computing Beasts.Computational Psychology, Philosophy: Fear Survival Humans Computing Beasts.
    • This is what I had planned to be the mother of all pages. I wanted to go deep into my philosophical presentation. I wanted to make it the first electronic philosophy treatise, free for anybody around the planet to read. Then I have received serious warnings that my ideas could be stolen by many suckers (and the suckers in the Academia are more disgusting!) I must complete the work first before publishing it online. Unfortunately, the electronic word is far less respected than its printed sibling. It's on the Internet, therefore is free to rob!
      The computational psychology philosophy page presents the fundamental principle of all life: FearSurvival (the unity of the two opposites 0=fear 1=survival).
      The page also presents the most scientific attempt to dream interpretation. Most dreams don't deserve special attention. But I believe that most clear dreams require special attention from the dreamer (the author of the dream).

    Fundamental Formula of Gambling: Probability, Degree of Certainty.The Fundamental Formula of Gambling: Theory of Probability, Mathematics, Degree of Certainty.
    • This page was an intrinsic part of my Internet beginning. It presents an extraordinary mathematical relationship I felt compelled to name The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG):

              log(1 - DC)
      N = ----------------
             log(1 - p)

      The formula calculates the number of trials N for an event of probability p to appear with a degree of certainty DC. It is the only God related formula. There is no God mathematically. Nothing is if is not mathematically.

      FFG is, indeed, at the very foundation of a genuine gambling mathematics or gambling science. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling offers an incredibly real and practical correlation with gambling phenomena. As a matter of fact, FFG is applicable to any sort of highly randomized events: lottery, roulette, blackjack, horse racing, sports betting, even stock trading. By contrast, what they call theory of games is a form of vague mathematics: The formulas are barely vaguely correlated with real life.

    Excellent pages about mathematics, science, philosophy, software programming, lottery gambling systems.Mathematics of Fundamental Formula of Gambling.
    • This page explains how I came across The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). Believe me, it was extremely easy! The formula has been in books for centuries! It started in the 17th century with a great French-English mathematician: Abraham de Moivre. He is the one who discovered the fundamental steps of this wonderful mathematical relation. I am afraid, De Moivre was afraid to go all the way with the formula! You see, FFG proves something extraordinary also: the absolute certainty is mathematically absurd.
      God, however, represents absolute certainty. Therefore the concept of god represents absolute absurdity. I am sure de Moivre was terrified by such a side effect to a mathematical relation. He might have had the same nightmares that Charles Darwin experienced the following century. Darwin had nightmares of being hanged because of his Evolution of Species!

    More Gambling Analysis: Odds, House Edge, Fraud.More Gambling Analysis: Odds, House Edge, Fraud.
    • This page deepens the practical analysis of gambling (highly randomized) phenomena in light of The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It also deals with fraud in lottery and gambling. It especially warns against Internet gambling. The cyber casinos can be considered a top fraud of the new millennium. Be forewarned that no player is able to see what gambling software deals to them!
      This page also deepens the presentation of important concepts such as probability, odds, house edge, percentage advantage, vigourish, player's disadvantage.

    Casino Winning: Ban Players, Law Lawsuit.The Science Of Winning And The Law.
    • This page presents real-life cases of physical casinos fraud, as manifested in Atlantic City. It also presents my incredible experience in the summer of 2003: I was not allowed to keep records and play roulette and blackjack!

    Lotto Lottery Systems, Strategies, Software.Winning Lotto Lottery Software Systems, Strategies.
    • This page made public the first application of The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It started with a simple lotto strategy aimed at the third prize ('4 of 6' hits). It then evolved to cover the lotto-5 and pick-3, pick-4 games as well. It then made further steps and went all the way to a so-called killer lotto strategy based on the wonder grid. That strategy is presented in detail in a series of messages on the World Message Board.
      The strategies on this page are based on a lottery feature called skips. It requires the application of lotto wheels or abbreviated lotto systems and the usage of my software MDIEditor and Lotto, LotWon, SuperPower. All the programs are available as free downloads from my FTP Downloads site.
      The page also offers the same great online number generator, the best that ever was!

    Winning Roulette Systems Strategy SoftwareWinning Roulette Systems, Strategy, Software.
    • This page presents roulette applications of The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). I wanted first to sell a winning roulette system that really beats casinos. I sold a few copies of a skimmed version of the roulette strategy. I decided it was best to withdraw the offer. I left the page online, however. The roulette strategy site offers now two free winning roulette systems. I also detail roulette spin analysis in the form of frequency and skipping (number of spins between hits). Moreover, I offer free software to generate and analyze roulette spins: SPINS.EXE. Many roulette users have been delighted that my roulette page exists and it is free! But there are the casino bastards who hate the guts out of me for such an endeavor!
      The page also offers the same great online number generator, the best that ever was!

    Free Lottery, Lotto, Gambling Software DownloadsFree Lotto, Lottery, Gambling, Scientific Software Downloads.
    • Without false modesty, it is a goldmine without padlocks! A visitor said he felt like a robber while downloading my freeware! Oh, no! Don't feel that way! I offer that great software for free and I feel great about it! Enjoy it, by all means!
      My FTP download site offers an incredibly generous number of free programs. The programs can be divided into six major categories:
    • lotto software, applicable to lotto-5, lotto-6, and lotto-7 games
    • lottery software, applicable to pick-3 and pick-4 games
    • horseracing software, applicable to horse racing (treating horse races as pick-3 lotteries)
    • roulette software, applicable to the queen of casino games, roulette
    • sports betting software, applicable to sports games such as American football and soccer
    • science of gambling software, applicable to the theory of probability; calculate the fundamental formula of gambling, standard deviation, binomial distribution probability, normal probability rule, factorial, sum-totals, bell curve generating, etc.

      The site also presents very useful tips on downloading over the Internet and installing software.

    Free Lottery Software Excel Spreadsheets Strategies.Free Lottery Software, Excel Spreadsheets.
    • The Internet is, without a doubt, a great addition to the toolbox of humanity. Then there are the newsgroups. There is a lot of bickering out there, but it is stimulating. The Ancient Greeks and Romans were matter-of-fact with many things we consider taboo these days. For instance, ass kicking when one is attacked. You see, it stimulates creativity. It is creative tension. So, I have taken full advantage of the atmosphere in newsgroups. It certainly has helped me develop my strategies and software.
      This page puts together some of my newsgroup posts on such an important topic as lottery and gambling software. I also present in great detail how to use Excel and spreadsheets in analyzing the lottery. The site presents very important concepts such as the median and positional ranges. One of my messages takes it further and demonstrates why playing combinations like '1,2,3,4,5,6' is wasteful. On the other hand, playing combinations based on the median and positional ranges clearly beats random expectation.

    The World Message Board: Lottery, Gambling, Philosophy, Software.The World Message Board: Lottery, Gambling, Software.
    • Wow! This is a big, big web site of its own! I have authored well over 300 messages. Other people have also made worthy contributions to my forum. I treat the messages as web pages of merit and special interest. I deleted all the crap that others viciously tried to litter my forum with. My message board must be clean, roomy, and easy to navigate. The messages must answer real questions and offer real help. You need to use the Search page engines in order to get the information you want. It is beyond the scope of this page to list ALL the posts in my forum. Suffices to say that the messages can be divided into five major categories:
    • announcing my lotto, lottery, gambling, roulette, horseracing, sports betting software
    • discussing my lotto, lottery, gambling, roulette, horseracing, sports betting software, especially as of installing and general help
    • strategies related to my lotto, lottery, gambling, roulette, horseracing, sports betting software
    • issues on theory of probability and gambling
    • thoughts on philosophical, spiritual, cultural, and personal issues.

    Search This Site, Internet, Encyclopedias.Search Internet, Web Site, Encyclopedias.

    • Search is search, right? Enter the keywords and, voilà! The native search engine always offers up to the minute results, including the latest messages.
      See also interesting facts on the search engines directing traffic to this web site. Plus, the most popular keywords and key phrases typed in search engines and referring visitors to this web site. Use the native search engine to go to the pages relevant to the key phrases that referred you to here. The page shows also the top pages of this website: at least 100 page views a month.

    page views stats list directing traffic to SALIU.COM.Directory of almost all web pages of the great site, plus meaningful statistics.
      See also a directory of most web pages at SALIU.COM, their stats, and some other interesting statistics. The pages show their web titles for a clear representation of the content. It's very efficient and useful in searching. It shows at a glance the variety of topics and the pages dealing with the respective tasks.

    Help Information: MDIEditor Lotto WE, Lotwon, SuperPower Lottery Software.Help Information: Lottery, Lotto, gambling Software.
    • The help is meant to answer questions regarding my software. The page offers tips on downloading, installing, and running MDIEditor and Lotto, LotWon, SuperPower. It also tackles the issue of finding and downloading lottery results. The users need to create and update their lottery data files in order to use my software. The data files are in text format. The users can simply go to a lottery web site, then copy-and-paste history files. It is easy and quite precise.

    What New: Pricing Lottery, Lotto Software, Gambling Systems.What New: Free or Buy Lotto, Lottery Software, Gambling Systems.
    • I receive many requests to sell my software, or inquiries on the pricing of my software and/or gambling systems. I created this page to present the current policies regarding the availability and, if applicable, the pricing of my lottery software and gambling systems. What's on this page is carved in stone. Additional inquiries are ignored.

    Online Odds, Probability Calculator & Random Numbers Combinations Generato.The Best Online Odds, Probability Calculator & Random Numbers Combinations Generator.: Lotto, Powerball, Lottery, Horse Races, Roulette, Sports Betting, Soccer Pools 1X2
    • The best ever, indeed!

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