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• The requested URL was not found on this server.

•• If you wanted to read a message, it may have been deleted. The webmaster performs such an operation in order to save web space. The operation is also performed to assure maximum clarity and easy navigation.

Probably there are other messages still live in the thread. You can launch a search on the keywords that brought you to this link. Click on the “Search” button. It is recommended to use the native search engine of this site. It indexes the site up to the minute, including the latest messages.

••• Sometimes you may get this error message if you try to post on the message board or reply to a post. The posting to this BBS is suspended from time to time. There is a message on the forum index page presenting the current posting status. The action is necessary in order to offer the best usability and navigation. Of course, it is also necessary to keep the bastards at bay. When one is involved in unusually original and useful matters, one attracts the most adverse reaction from smallness men. The first sign of merit is hatred from smallness creatures.

•••• Or: The user does not have permission (access) to work directly (read, write, execute, upload, download) in this folder at ftp, cgi-bin, cgi-sys, email, messages, perl, scripts, etc.

To download freeware, follow the links on the entry page of the FTP Download site:
- Double-click (left mouse button) the link, then select "Save"; or _
- Right-click the link, then select "Save Target As".

Behavior is very important. The web server log file is analyzed automatically by Ion Saliu's software. Vicious behavior can be detected fairly easy.
- Running illegitimate scripts (e.g. cmd.exe);
- Accessing a large number of pages very quickly in order to increase the bandwidth;
- Clicking repeatedly on the "Refresh" button in order to increase the bandwidth;
- Staying on the same page for a long period of time in order to increase the bandwidth.
The IP addresses showing vicious behavior are recorded in an "IP Deny" file. The visitors from such addresses are not allowed to access

I apologize if innocent visitors are denied access to Please report if you are treated unfairly. Please check first what email address is active at the time of your writing. The email to is disabled timely in order to fight the spam bastards. Check the "Contact" page ( to find a valid email address.

Also, this site has an allotted bandwidth, according to a pay schedule. It is true that freeware is among the most popular items with any human. Ion Saliu's freeware is among the popular items of the Internet. It attracts a fairly large number of computer users. Therefore, there is a danger to exceed the allotted bandwidth for Usually, it happens towards the end of a month. The web hosting company may decide to shut down the FTP account of to stay within the bandwidth. If it happens to you, please wait until the beginning of the following month. Sorry, but generosity can be limited by pocket size, regardless of heart size.

Ion Saliu

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